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Hope and despair Hope is what keeps life going. Hope makes us dream. Hope builds in patience. Life teaches us not to despair even in the darkest hour, because after every night there is a day. Nothing remains the same we have only one choice keep moving on in life, endure, and be hopeful. Through hope, in the midst of winter, we find within us an invincible summer.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30 day photo challenge

ok so.....i havent blogged in a really long time. and one of my friends on fb has a 30 day pic challenge. so i copied her and decided to do it on my blog :) we will see how wellll i do.

Day 1: a photo of me and 10 facts about myself!

1: want to live in CO some day
2: have a big family
3: favorite food=sandwiches
4: loves harry potter
5: hate dancing
6: love 2 tv shows. glee and friends
7: in long distance relationship
8: love my family and friends!
9: love music and movies
10:drive a white car.

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