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Hope and despair Hope is what keeps life going. Hope makes us dream. Hope builds in patience. Life teaches us not to despair even in the darkest hour, because after every night there is a day. Nothing remains the same we have only one choice keep moving on in life, endure, and be hopeful. Through hope, in the midst of winter, we find within us an invincible summer.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 4: Night life

well during the week..i pretty much sit at home watching movies or skyping :)

and on the weekends...i go to hockey games :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

someone i am closest with

like i told you...i suck at posting..and my little sister reminded me that i wasnt doing a good job. so here is day 2.
A picture of someone i am closest with. i cant possibly pic one person! so here are a 2 pics..

Todd Potempa: I love this man so much! we tell him everything. he knows all my secrets and he still loves me. he only gets angry when i do stupid things. and he loves me so much! he makes me laugh, and cry, and smile and he gives me butterflies and most of all he makes me sooo happy! even though i dont see him everyday like normal couples do, i love him with all my heart! he is so wonderfully amazing..

Lexi Chatterley: THIS girl is FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC!!! i tell her everything..and she is always there to help me when im having a hard day. she talks me through my rough days and helps me make hard decisions...i love her so much!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30 day photo challenge

ok so.....i havent blogged in a really long time. and one of my friends on fb has a 30 day pic challenge. so i copied her and decided to do it on my blog :) we will see how wellll i do.

Day 1: a photo of me and 10 facts about myself!

1: want to live in CO some day
2: have a big family
3: favorite food=sandwiches
4: loves harry potter
5: hate dancing
6: love 2 tv shows. glee and friends
7: in long distance relationship
8: love my family and friends!
9: love music and movies
10:drive a white car.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

lovely Pie.

got together with the girls last night...been way too long since i have seen them all! thank you nina for letting us do it at your house! :)
i made a banana cream pie with fresh cut bananas on the top. Yum! then once we got to nina's house we made apple pie and a mixed berry pie.

We made sugar crust..

Just waiting.......

Finished Apple Pie

Finished Mixed Berry Pie

And here is a pic of me and todd when i was in canada last week! i love him so much!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

...this is Kati...

i know i hardly ever post anymore but, i stumbled across a blog this morning..i absolutely love it. so much in fact, i actually forwarded a link to my family (i never forward stuff). but i really really like this one for what ever reason and it hit me.. so this is me, doing my part and forwarding it on. . it is a single dad and his life..things he did or does, or sees, or experiences he has witness or gone through at one point in his life.. this is the blog entry that made me want to post to day! . i know it is kinda long but i promise if you spent the 5-10 minutes reading the whole thing, you will feel like i do now!!
he talked about being "real" in his blog. and i want to take a minute and be "real." with all of you (the few who actually read my blog).
~I love my Parents. i have learned everything i am today from my dear mom and dad. i dont say it enough or appreciate them like i should but i owe them so much! i look to them for life examples and advice and help and guidance. they love me more than i can imagine or deserve.. thanks mom and dad for everything, especially your support and most of all your unconditional love!!
~I love my family. my big loud, intruding, prodding, wonderful, loving family! they have more love for me than i deserve or can even imagine. i look to each and everyone of them for guidance, laughs, love, support.
~I love my boyfriend Todd (i am happier with him, then i have been with anyone else in my entire life). he makes me feel so good about my self and he makes me want to try harder and be a better person. He makes me feel important in his life and i know he loves me back! we are planning on spending the rest of our lives together and eventually (years and years to come) have a family together!
~I love my friends. the ones i talk to regularly or hardly at all, the new and the old friends, the ones i see all the time and the ones i hardly ever see. you keep me laughing and crying and everything in between and i wouldnt trade or change if for anything!
~I cannot wait to take the nest big step in life and move to canada! it is going to be hard and it is going to be scary! but it is going to be a wonderful adventure.

on his blog he said: "Embrace that you have weakness. Because everybody does. Embrace that your body is not perfect. Because nobody's is. Embrace that you have things you can't control. We all have a list of them.
i make mistakes. i am very insecure. i laugh too loud. i have been made fun. i have fun of others. i say things that hurt other people. i swear. i laugh a lot. i cry (all the time). i pray. i beg. i have doubts. i have wants. i love. i have lots of questions. i know there is a god, and that he loves me, and that he hears my prayers. i am not perfect. i will never claim to be. i need help sometimes.

As i was going through this SDL (Single Dad Laughing) blog, i came across a quote he saw somewhere. it said:"When you come to the end of everything you know, and the next step is into the darkness of the great unknown... you must believe one of two things. Either you will step out onto firm ground, or you will be taught to fly." i was curious who said it so i googled it. it brought me to an LDS Church blog. Im not really that surprised :). the leaders of the church are really smart and say really really wise things, whether you believe in the gospel or not there are things we can all learn from the things they say.

if we keep our heads on straight we can land on firm ground after we take that step, or we could fly!! personally? i want to FLY!!

please be real with others and with yourself!! i cant believe how great i feel today just from reading Dan's blog and posting my own..i would encourage you to do the same!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read that post on Dan's blog. it was the 2nd link i posted!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LAKE POWELL, my love

i went to lake powell with todd's family this last was so fun. my skin feels like a sun dried tomatoes..but it was obviously so worth it :) let me show you!!
one of the first things we did when we got there was cliff jumping. i think the highest one we jumped was about 35 feet? SO FUN!!

the dogs had their own life jackets...Oakely loved his but roxey wasnt a huge fan :)

with out the dogs..

Todd and me jumpin together. i think it was about 30 ft from that one :) love it!!

all the kids on the boat :)

We posted up by this rock for a couple hours..did a little bouldering to get to the top. got some scratches..def worth every one of them!!

it rained a little while we were there...

BIGGEST rainbow i have ever seen. we could see the whole thing. from one end to the was so pretty!

the moon at our campsite coming through the trees. it was so pretty :) what a clear pretty night! we didnt get a lot of sleep cause we had to get up early cause todd had to work..

so i ended up driving home so todd could get a couple more hours of sleep, but once the sun came up he was having a hard i gave him my eye thing..he said it worked really well :). plese bless he doesnt see that i posted this for everyone to see ;)